13-14 june TADHack Global

TADHack is for Everyone!

TADHack is for Everyone! explains the benefits you’ll receive from taking part, and the importance of team diversity to winning. That is having a mix of programmers, product and user experience / design people. Several of the winners at TADHack-mini London were not programmers – the technologies have become very easy to use, and the sponsors are their to help you. So don’t be shy, get involved and register, it will be fun, you’ll learn a lot, meet great people, and perhaps win some cash.

We’re only 5 weeks away from TADHack Global, developer registrations are coming in fast, we’ve received over 300 of them, and I know there are many people taking part who have not yet registered! We announced Intel as a sponsor of TADHack and they are also running 2 locations, TADHack Istanbul at Kolektif House which is close to Intel’s IoT Ignition lab, and TADHack Israel Microsoft Ventures Israel site in Herzlia Israel on the 12th and 13th June (with the closing session on the 14th). Intel will also be providing some cool toys to play with at these locations, more on that later :)

We also got the TADHack Melbourne location finalized, it will be at Oracle’s offices on Level 5, 417 St Kilda Road in Melbourne. A big thank you to Jorgen Skogstad who has recently re-joined Oracle from Axiata Group in making this happen.

We have lots of stuff happening in the coming weeks, for example in Lisbon we have a TADHack / WebRTC meetup on the 21st May. In Singapore on the 2nd of June we have a TADHack / WebRTC meetup. The list goes on with all the local campaigns and events in the run up to TADHack Global.

Please check out all the developer resources and how-to videos available, just scroll down on the main TADHack page to the Developer Resources section, and click on resources. Where you can get in direct contact with all the sponsors to chat about their resources and get help with implementing your ideas.

This year you can work on even more technologies including: internet of things, WebRTC, Telecom APIs and platforms, identity and federation, media servers, enterprise communications, messaging, location, payments, and more.

Please let your friends and colleagues know about TADHack Global. We accept bothhacks and showcases. We want to help all developers with cool ideas and services grow their businesses, or get cool jobs with companies that are changing the world.

TADHack Global, 13-14 June, is a big event. Just a few of the highlights:

  • 14 concurrent TADHacks around the world including: Bangladesh, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Colombo, Dublin, Israel, Istanbul, Jaffna, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Raleigh, and the comfort of your own home (remote entries are accepted).
  • 5 inspirational keynotes from leaders who have and are changing the face of telecoms. Including Johnathan Christensen, co-founder and CEO Wire; Serge Lachappelle, Group Product Manager of WebRTC at Google; Anthony Rodrigo, Group CIO Dialog; James Tagg, founder and CTO Truphone; and Alan Duric, co-founder and CTO Wire.
  • 12 sponsors with which you can build your hacks and enhance your services, and of course win their prizes: Apidaze, Bandwidth, Dialogic, Ericsson, Forge by Acision, hSenid Mobile, Intel, Matrix, Oracle, Telestax, Tropo and Truphone.
  • $35k in global prize money, that is 35 hacks are going to be winning $1k, and all the promotion we provide to all developers involved in TADHack to help them grow their business. Plus all the local prizes we’ll be highlighting in the coming weeks.

If you have not already done so, please register, TADHack Global is only 5 weeks away, so start thinking about fun ways all those sponsors’ technologies can be used to solve real-world problems the intended users will be happy with.

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