17 dec 2014 WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2014

WebRTC Conference Paris 2014 views: Practical Realities

As reported by Alan Quayle (Independant Analyst), “Compared to the US events it shows Europe is as, if not more innovative than North America, has a lot less hype, and is definitely more focused on the practical realities of implementation.”…“It was great to see Developers sharing their experiences of working at the coalface of WebRTC”

A feeling confirmed by Amir Zmora (Independent Consultant and blogger at The New Dialtone): “As I stated in the Conference Opening, we are beyond the “looking” phase, 2014 was all about doing.

WebRTC 2014 Conference Closing Panel Survey Results

The Closing of the Event included a Panel of Experts reviewing the results of a WebRTC survey conducted during the Conference.

Winning Demos Awards: Fiware, Matrix, Browsetel and Mera Award Winners

Three demo sessions were held with one dedicated to Data Channel applications. Altogether four Awards were given to the winning Demos, three of them by a College of Judges (Innovation, Best of show, Data Channel) and the fourth one by the Audience.

The Awards went to:

  • Innovation Award was attributed to Matrix
  • Best of Show Award was taken by FIWARE
  • Data Channel Award was won by Vladimir Beloborodov from Mera who showed a personal project
  • Audience Award was received by Browsetel

Hackaton: 150 registrations

Arnaud Budkiewicz (WebRTC Pioneer & co-founder of bistri) and Luis Borges Quina (WebRTC Advocate & co-founder of APIdaze) organized a WebRTCfest, an online challenge from the 1st to 15th December. Results and awards from this Hackathon were delivered during the WebRTC Paris Conference Meetup.