About WebRTC Nederland

WebRTC Nederland is a non-profit community

“The competitiveness of the future is not determined by the size of the organization itself, but how big, relevant and accessible your network is”.

WebRTC Nederland started in 2013 as a Lean Innovation network in the Netherlands and abroad. With the voluntary nature of WebRTC Nederland we want to add value for WebRTC + Internet of Things (IoT) minded enterprises, vendors, digital media companies, start-ups, individual designers and developers who are looking for real-time communication on the web.

“An open communication platform to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience.”

WebRTC Nederland is advocating for open internet access, open standards, open source, equal employment opportunities in web technology, independent developers, start-ups, WebRTC + IoT and software technology.

What we want to achieve with WebRTC Nederland?

  • strong focus on WebRTC, IoT and new web technology to innovate and benefit business results
  • offer a community platform for creating awareness and collaboration
  • act as a local partner in the international WebRTC partner network
  • organize meetups, hackathons, master classes and events to exchange knowledge and experience
  • expand the developer WebRTC developer community in the Netherlands (Nederland kennisland)
  • facilitate product presentation and demonstration for WebRTC based solution providers
  • advise at boardroom level on topics such as innovation, technology and consulting expertise

What have we achieved so far?

  • created a network of service providers, developers and stakeholders
  • established a fast-growing base of followers on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • co-designed the European WebRTC meetup platforms in Amsterdam, Berlin and the Crossing-Border WebRTC Meetups
  • organized several meetups with renowned speakers
  • presented WebRTC subjects on meetups and events
  • published articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs, nationally and internationally

What is the WebRTC Netherland next challenge?

  • build a learning platform for WebRTC + IoT+ Service design.
  • meet a diversity of individual application developers, system designers, third party integrators, user experience experts, students, enterprises and start-ups.
  • aim for free entries for developers, focused on the power of ideas to change attitudes
  • access for free product presentations, events, hackathons from the partner programs.

The WebRTC Nederland guiding principles are:

  • to be an open non-profit network community: everyone is welcome
  • promote and exchange idea’s, knowledge and experience on WebRTC, IoT and new internet technology
  • people, planet, profit: a strong passion and belief that applying technology should benefit people all over the world
  • operate on the local Dutch market as well as contribute to international events
  • meetups must be freely accessible for all attendees
  • master class tickets must be obtainable at a reasonable price and should cover event and operating costs

 Your call

To be an open community means also that bright ideas and inspiring initiatives for further development of our platform are warmly welcomed.

If, after reading the above, you have a burning question left or anything else you always wanted to know about WebRTC Nederland, don’t hesitate and call +31 6 53 644 701 or +31 6 42 152 215. You can also fill out the contactform and let us know. We gladly answer your call!