4 June 2015 – Hackaday WebRTC and Internet of Things

Date:  Thursday June 4, 2015

Location:  Headquarter Koninklijke KPN N.V.

Address:  Maanplein 55, 2516 CK Den Haag

Admission:  Free

Intended audience:  Developers, Integrators,  Innovators,  Internet specialists, Product Designers and Start-ups.

Level:  Beginner  to advanced

The world of WebRTC and Internet of Things

Thursday June 4, 2015 WebRTC Meetup Amsterdam-Parijs-Berlin organises in co-operation with KPN, Internet of Things Academy,  Apidaze and Tim Panton an inspiring WebRTC / IoT meetup at the KPN headquarters in the Hague.

Get involved  in the Internet of Things

We will start the day with “Hack the little bit of things”. We provide a hands-on IoT environment where beginners will be helped by experienced mentors. They will guide you through the process of design, create and build of applications. The developer kit (Little Bits) and mentors are provided by the IoT Academy.

WebRTC best practices
In the afternoon the WebRTC experts Tim Panton and Philippe Sultan will assist you with understanding standards, code tool boxes, best practices and other innovations of this new market.

Share your passion

In the late afternoon there is an “Inspire by camp fire” when all of you who are enthusiastic about WebRTC and IoT can inspire each other and share your passion.

Hacking is hard work. So we will also offer you some relaxation. We will end the day with some informal networking accompanied by pizza, wine, beer and soft drinks.

Register now

Join us on June 4th and meet other innovators. To be sure of your place please don’t delay with signing-up, at


This fantastic WebRTC / IoT day will be hosted by Rianne, Irene, Richard, Luis and Tim. The day has been partly made possible by WebRTC Meetup Amsterdam-Paris-Berlin in cooperation with the IoT Academy and KPN.


We are in favour of short lines of communication. If you have any suggestions or question please don’t hesitate to contact us on +31 (0)35 888 81 888  or through the contactform.

The detailed programme of this day will be published soon.